A 2000+ member PMI-OC is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help run the organization effectively and efficiently. Opportunities to volunteer may include being a project manager in chapter run projects to manage finances to event organizer or staff member. Volunteers work in teams to bring the experience to life in a way that exceeds every expectation.

PMI-OC Orientation Program

In order for volunteers to get familiarized with our chapter information and openings, we offer a 2 hour orientation session for Members and Volunteers. The session is a great way to learn about:

  • PMI-OC introduction and chapter events
  • Chapter organization
  • How to volunteer with PMI-OC

To register for the next Orientation Session, check the Event Listing section under the "News & Events" tab at pmi-oc.org and click on the upcoming PMI-OC New Members Orientation event link.

Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to see a listing of open positions.

Click here to see the organization chart with open positions.


Chapter volunteers run the show here! We welcome you to 'try out' volunteering for the chapter. To learn more, contact the Director of Volunteers.