The Strategy of Applying Strategy to Your PMO

Business Acumen

Tim Rumbaugh

Vice President, Program Management

Edwards Lifesciences


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About the Presentation

Strategic objectives are integral to the Project Management Office (PMO) as they provide a clear roadmap aligning projects with organizational goals. Effective management of strategy ensures projects contribute directly to overall business success, necessitating continuous monitoring and agility in response to evolving business landscapes. Understanding the linkage between project goals and organizational strategy is crucial for attendees, enabling them to enhance project relevance and underscore the PMO's value in delivering meaningful results. Problems arise when projects deviate from strategic objectives, or objectives change, leading to potential resource misallocation priority shifts, and new timeline expectations. Applying regular strategy reviews and fostering open communication between project teams, portfolio management, and leadership enables PM professionals to ensure that their projects remain tightly aligned with long-term organizational success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the Role of Strategic Objectives. Participants will gain insight into the pivotal role of strategic objectives within the PMO, learning how these objectives provide a roadmap for aligning project activities with broader organizational goals.
  • Effective Strategy Management. Attendees will learn the importance of continuous monitoring and adaptation in managing project strategy to ensure projects remain agile in response to evolving business landscapes, but managed through effective change management.
  • Linking Project Goals to Organizational Strategy. Understand the clear connection between project goals and organizational strategy, enhancing project relevance and emphasizing the value of the Project Manager to overall business success.
  • Proactive Problem Collaboration & Resolution. From real-world examples, learn to proactively identify and address problems that may arise when projects deviate from strategic objectives. This includes the application of regular strategy reviews and adjustments in day-to-day responsibilities to maintain alignment and foster long-term organizational success.

About Tim Rumbaugh

Seven years at Edwards Lifesciences co-leading the Transcatheter Heart Valve PMO focused on structural heart therapy and med device new product development. Four years at a contract R&D start-up developing in vitro diagnostic allergy, immuno-therapy, and DNA analysis devices for a variety of clients. Over twenty years in aerospace at Parker Hannifin developing and producing flight control systems for military and business jet clients, Boeing on the GPS constellation, and Northrop Grumman on the B-2 Bomber program.