How Should We Determine Project Best Practices?

Ways of Working; Business Acumen

Mike Bissonette, MS, MBA, PfMP

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

RTConfidence, Inc.


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About the Presentation

This topic will help attendees better understand why Project Management “Best Practices” differ by Industry, Market and/or Organization.  And it provides a logical framework for determining the Best Practices that your organization can establish to improve overall Project Management performance which, in turn, improve the Organization’s future state, or Business Value.

·         Key Fundamentals that Influence Our Choices in PM Tools & Techniques to Use

·         Determining the “Right” PM Best Practices to Use

·         The “Right” PDP (Product Development Process) Makes a Difference

·         The “Right” Project Management Tools & Techniques

·         Continuous Improvement via Project Postmortems/Retrospectives/Lessons Learned.

Learning Objectives:

·         Understanding the key concepts behind how PM best practices are arrived at -- with insights as to how an organization can accelerate the process to better achieve organizational goals and objectives.

·         To be able to effectively analyze and discern the Product Development Processes (Deterministic, Iterative, Agile, and Hybrid), their differences and applicability.

·         Gain an appreciation for the motivation behind the development and use of newer, more effective PM Tools and Techniques.

·         Better Appreciate the Value and Benefits of Postmortems/Retrospectives/Lessons Learned practices.

About Mike Bissonette

Mike Bissonette (MS, MBA, PfMP) is a successful engineer-turned-businessman and is considered both a thought-leader and subject matter expert in Portfolio, Program, and Project Management within several diverse industries (Aerospace and Defense, Consumer Electronics, Clean Tech, and SaaS [Software as a Services]). His work experience spans over 40 years of product development, including executive positions in large Fortune 500 companies. He is the author of two books.  His first book, “Project Risk Management: A Practical Implementation Approach” was published by PMI in 2016.  His second book is on “Strategic Project Management” and was published in 2021.  He is an adjunct instructor at Clarkson University where he teaches “Strategic Project Management” in a MS in Engineering Management curriculum. Mike is also the Founder of RTConfidence, Inc.