Effectively Communicating in Challenging Times

Power Skills

Judy Hersch, PMP

Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer

Evolution Solutions LLC


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About the Presentation

One of the greatest causes of stress and energy drain is ineffective and inefficient communications. In fact, 70% of workplace mistakes can be traced back to problems in communication. In this interactive presentation, participants will learn and practice scientifically validated techniques to:

·         Think clearly from a more emotionally balanced and coherent perspective to achieve the best outcomes.

·         Create more harmonious interactions, align team members, reduce stress and energy drains, and foster mutual respect among co-workers, team members, and family members.

·         Create productive conversations where each participant can be more authentic in all communications, truly understand what others are saying, and better communicate their own perspective

Learning Objectives

Participants will leave with

·         Powerful and practical techniques for daily application to facilitate self-regulation and effective communication

·         “Quick Steps” to easily implement the learnings

·         Personalized Sustainability Strategy to integrate the learnings into daily life.

About Judy Hersch

Judy Hersch is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Evolution Solutions, a Professional Coaching Organization leading individuals, groups and organizations worldwide in building extraordinary lives, businesses, relationships, and results.

She is a certified Executive Coach, Life Mastery Consultant and HeartMath Trainer and has worked with Fortune 1 – 500 companies, as well as small businesses and individual executives and leaders.

Judy has also had a 20-year career as a certified project management professional (PMP) in the pharmaceutical and IT industries. She graduated with a Master of International Business Administration from Florida International University, further advancing her work with leaders, teams, and organizations from different cultures around the world.