Beyond Talent: Mastering Career Management in Today’s Rapidly Changing Landscape


Greg Johnson

Executive Coach

Above The Rim Executive Coaching


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About the Presentation

In today's rapidly evolving project management landscape, merely possessing talent is no longer sufficient for career success. This session, titled "Beyond Talent: Mastering Career Management in Today’s Rapidly Changing Landscape," delves into the core challenges professionals face in securing and advancing their careers in this dynamic environment. The discussion will explore why talented individuals often encounter career trajectories that fall short of their expectations, face challenges in securing promotions, become affected by workforce reductions, or struggle to get hired. It will also propose three robust strategies to effectively navigate and excel in this dynamic and uncertain career landscape. The first strategy, Strategic Career Planning, addresses the importance of having a clear, adaptable career roadmap. The second strategy focuses on Tracking Accomplishments and Success Stories. This crucial step ensures that professionals not only excel in their roles but also effectively document and communicate their achievements, enhancing their visibility and employability. The final strategy revolves around Building Reputation. It explores ways to establish a strong personal brand within one’s department, company, and the broader industry. This includes networking, thought leadership, and leveraging social media platforms for professional growth. By the end of this session, attendees will be equipped with actionable insights to refine their career strategies, enhance their value to their current organization, and thrive in the dynamic world of project management. This session is not just about navigating the changing landscape but mastering it to create a fulfilling and successful career in project management.

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About Greg Johnson

A passionate career guide, Greg excels in helping professionals navigate their career paths with purpose and excellence. He firmly believes that a career is an ongoing journey, where true significance lies in building meaningful relationships, and the continuous curiosity to be better. Utilizing the most innovative and powerful career management tools and strategies, Greg has successfully assisted hundreds of clients in elevating their career trajectories. His expertise is further showcased as a contributing author in "Mission Matters Volume 10", where he explored the mindset of embracing “Get To” rather than “Have To” in your career journey. His work has been recognized by Manage HR Magazine, naming his firm one of the Top Career Counseling Service Providers for 2023.