Essential Project Management Negotiating Skills

Power Skills

Francisco T. Avalos, MBA, PMP

Title: SAFe

Company: CSM


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About the Presentation

Project managers must grasp the context and environment in which negotiations take place. This includes identifying stakeholders, their interests, and the power dynamics. As conflict arises, the project manager must identify and resolve conflicts constructively with negotiating skills. We will explore strategies and techniques for addressing conflicts while preserving positive relationships among team members and stakeholders.

Learning objectives:

·         Attendees will learn how to collaborate and learn how to “agree to disagree” by using practical negation skills.

·         Predict and anticipate conflicts when negotiations start breaking down.

·         Injecting tactical empathy

About Francisco Avalos

Francisco T. Avalos is a seasoned Business Process improvement Consultant executing strategic and tactical initiatives in Business Operations initiatives and Technology. Mr. Avalos's acumen revolves around customizing the PMO/PM framework to ensure governance, project execution, budgeting, risk mitigation, and communication align with the strategic vision of the corporation's goals and objectives.

Mr. Avalos has spent 25+ years in business and IT roles for top-ranked companies and various domestic and global entities, including managing initiatives in healthcare, banking and finance, SaaS, news media, government, and non-profit entities.

Mr. Avalos earned his undergraduate degree in Information Systems from California Polytechnic Pomona and his MBA from Chapman University. Mr. Avalos serves in Executive roles for several non-profits and is active in the triathlon Ironman community.