PMI Orange County

Volunteer of Merit Awards

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Merrie Lee Wooten serves PMI-OC Chapter as Career Enhancement Project Coordinator and works with Eddie Lopez Career Enhancement Lead. Ms. Merrie Lee Wooten has been a Member of PMI-OC for the past 5 years and PMP Certified. As a Career Enhancement Project Coordinator, she has the opportunity to interact with lot of people and enjoys working with people and help them with their individual and community goals. In her words, she states, ‘this is a fun group of volunteers to work with and really enjoyed the beach bonfire event’ and hopes to continue serving on the PMI-OC chapter during this difficult pandemic time and beyond. Currently she works as IT Project Manager for Anser Advisory and as a consultant at MemorialCare.

Merrie Lee WootenCareer Enhancement Project Coordinator
August 2021

Yvonne Huynh serves PMI-OC Chapter as Finance Project Manager and works with John Kienstra, VP Finance and Charles Caverly, Director Finance Accounts. Ms. Yvonne Huynh has been a Member of PMI-OC for the past 10 years and she is PMP Certified. As a Finance Project Manager, Ivonne helps with managing the Chapter finances and enjoys working on all the projects for PMI-OC members along with the Board of Directors (BOD) and Council of Directors (COD). Currently she works at Northrop Grumman Corporation as Engineering Manager for Part Management and Standards.

Yvonne Huynh, Finance Project Manager
August 2021

Carissa Lombardi is proud to serve on PMI-OC Chapter as the Webinar Coordinator under Bill Neil, Webinars Program Manager and Katya Kazaryan, Director of Online Programs. Carissa started working with the webinars team in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the world suddenly shifting gears and switching to virtual events, she states she had an extremely rewarding experience knowing that every virtual meeting she helped setup was making a positive impact during a difficult time in the community. She did a great job with the online webinar coordination and helped with continuity for the community during pandemic. Currently Carissa works as the Project Manager for “The Word & Brown Companies” in Orange County. She currently does not hold the PMP and is working towards getting PMP certified by December 2021.

Carissa Lombardi, Webinar Coordinator
July 2021

Eddie Lopez serves as the Career Enhancement Manager on PMI-OC Chapter and works with Chad Yeargain, Director of Chapter Relations & Career Enhancement and has been with the Chapter since August 2020. As the Career Enhancement Manager, the best part of his Volunteer Journey has been to get to know a group of great volunteers with whom he had the opportunity to learn and grow together to accomplish common and individual goals. Currently he works as a Program Consultant/Senior Project Manager in the Healthcare Industry and he is PMP Certified. He looks forward to continue serving the community as a team member on the PMI-OC Chapter.

Eddie Lopez, Career Enhancement Manager
July 2021

Katya Kazaryan serves as the Director of Online Programs on PMI-OC Chapter. She has worked diligently the past year during the pandemic on the Online Programs as they were more in demand with everything shifting to online. She has been with PMI-OC for over a year and currently works as a project manager at Pyramid Laboratories Inc.

Katya Kazaryan, Director of Online Programs
June 2021

Raymond Dimla is proud to serve as the Chapter Relations Lead for the Chapter Relations and Career Enhancement Team under the direction of Chad Yeargain. Mr. Dimla started on the team in August 2020 as the Creative Chair and when the new year started and more events were planned for 2021, Raymond assumed the role as Chapter Relations lead. As the lead, Mr. Dimla oversees all aspects of events under Chapter Relations and ensures that all events not only benefit the members of PMI-OC but assures that all events encapsulate PMI-OC’s and the team’s mission and vision. Raymond is on track to study for and pass the Project Management Professional certification by Fall 2021. What Mr. Dimla is looking forward to the most for the future of PMI-OC is the type of events that collaborate with Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion experts, the Wounded Warrior Project, and the LGBT Center Orange County. These types of events that feature important topics from respected speakers is what motivates Mr. Dimla to continue his work with PMI-OC. Mr. Dimla currently works as the Operations Project Manager for Penn Mar Therapeutic Center where he has been fortunate to work for over the past 15 years.

Raymond Dimla, Chapter Relations Lead
May 2021

Darren McNeil currently holds the current Senior Social Media Specialist position for PMI Orange County Chapter. Darren has been able to raise the bar on the chapter’s professionalism in the social media space. Upon beginning his volunteer ship, Darren was tasked with streamlining the organization of accounts, design, scheduling, and content of posts. He was also tasked with starting PMI Orange County Chapters first Instagram account. The change in professionalism has also been noticed by other chapters, who have asked to discuss how they can improve their social media presence as PMI Orange County has. Currently, Darren works as the Director of Project Management at Datanetiix Solutions Inc. He has been a part of PMI since April of 2019 and received his PMP on November 7th of 2019 on the first try.

Darren A McNeil, Senior Social Media Specialist
April 2021

Christine Chung has been a member of PMI-OC for 6 years and she is PMP certified. She has really enjoyed working as a Volunteer on PMI-OC which has given her the opportunity to work with amazing people dedicated to the success of PMI-OC. She has been working in IT for the past 30 years including many years of project management experience. Currently she is in transition and seeking a project manager position. She was able to back-up the Volunteer Director’s job duties while she was out sick in the past few months and has done a great job overseeing everything in her absence .

Christine Chung, Volunteer Coordinator
March 2021

Forrest Parson is PMP certified and a 10-year PMI-OC member. As IT director for PMI-OC, he appreciates working with amazing people dedicated to the success of PMI-OC. His high point as a volunteer was being assigned as the IT director and receiving support for being in the role by so many of the chapter’s volunteers. Forrest enjoys working in IT and project management and doubts he’ll ever retire. He is studying to soon add Data Scientist to his skillset. Forrest is loved by the team and everyone has just good things to say about him; and they love working with him. He is an asset to PMI-OC and doing a wonderful job as Director of IT.

Forrest Parson, Director, Information Technology
February 2021

Mina Moe has volunteered with the chapter since 2020. This is what she shared about her experience: “It has been such an amazing experience collaborating with teams, learning from professionals with diverse expertise, supporting PMI-OC all together. I am thankful for an opportunity to cooperate with different departments, promote and support PMI-OC events where members can bring along their families, friends, and colleagues to connect, learn, enjoy, and keep improving.”

Mina Moe, Director, Marketing
January 2021