PMI-OC Volunteers

PMI-OC is a purely volunteer run organization.  We are always looking for new volunteers to help in all aspects of the organization. We cannot possibly hold chapter activities without volunteers.

As a volunteer for the Chapter you will:
  • Improve your interpersonal skills
  • Further develop your project management skills
  • Expand your networking contacts
  • Earn PDU’s
Some volunteer activities are for regularly scheduled activities, such as helping out at the monthly dinner meetings or the Advanced Topics seminars. Still others are needed to help out specific Board members on an on-going basis, such as being an assistant chapter treasurer, or volunteer coordinator, or working to promote (market) chapter events.
In short, PMI-OC has volunteer opportunities to match your interests and abilities as well as your available time.

PMI-OC Orientation Program

In order to best utilize our volunteers time, energy and talent, we have found that education and familiarity are the best way for our members to become involved.   Every other month we offer a 2 hour session for Members and Volunteers.   This session is attended by New PMI Members, and others that have shown an interest in volunteering.   The session offers the following topics:

  • Introduces participants to PMI-OC
  • Learn about the chapter leadership (Board of Directors – BOD)
  • Learn how to earn your PMP through PMI-OC's PMP Prep classes
  • Learn how to get involved by volunteering
  • Take advantage of a great networking opportunity
  • Learn som

To register for the next Orientation Session, check the UPCOMING EVENTS section at and click on the upcoming PMI-OC New Members Orientation link.

Volunteer Opportunities

PMI-OC offers several ways to volunteer;   pdf click here (955 KB) to see a listing of open positions.  A good starting point is our Ambassadors program:

PMI-OC Ambassadors Program

The Ambassador Program is a great place to start Volunteering for the chapter.  PMI Ambassadors are utilized as Greeters at the monthly Dinner meeting.   They are occasionally used to assist at event registration and setup.   There is Ambassador training provided on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.  

Ambassadors main focus:

  • PMI-OC Event Greeters
  • Introduce New Members to others
  • Welcome First-timers to events
  • Connect those looking for jobs with hiring companies
  • Great networking opportunity for YOU!
  • Get to know PMI-OC BOD and other chapter volunteers
  • Have FUN and Help Connect the Dots (covered in the training session!)

Volunteer Leaders

Once familiar with the Chapter, PMI-OC volunteers can the opt to take more responsiblity, such as Volunteer Coordinator, Ambassador Chair,  Dinner Meeting Coordinator, Advanced Topic Seminar Program Coordinator, PMP Prep Course Coordinator, Event Registration Coordinator.

PMI-OC Board of Governors (BOG)

PMI-OC Chapter has 1600 members, and is run as a non-profit corporation.   The Board of Governors is responsible for running their respective 'departments', providing direction and future planning for the membership, and running the overall organization.   Click here to learn more about this years Board of Governors, and learn about their background and the duties they perform.

What are you waiting for?

We welcome you to 'try out' volunteering for the chapter. To learn more, contact the Ambassador Chair or Director of Volunteers.

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