Current Volunteer Opportunities

 May 2017



Administration & Technology –

Vendor Management Deputy

Compliance/Contracts Chair

Data Analyst

Business Process Analyst (BPA) (3 positions)

The Business Process Analyst will work with the event and the chapter’s support teams (Dinner/Breakfast, Milestone, etc.) to assist them in defining their business processes, document and publish the processes & procedures necessary for implementation of the operation of their team


The Website Webmasters provide content management for the PMI-OC Website.  Ensuring that all updates comply with IT standards for Copyright and Quality Control.  They provide issues management for member/customer issues as submitted to IT.  Conduct volunteer training as needed and support the PMI-OC Sandbox Website, our preproduction site. About 15-20 hours a month

Google Apps Support Engineer (2 positions)

The application & Tools Engineer will be setting up new volunteer accounts, initial training of folks using Google Applications and the chapter’s Google sites as well as setting up and support all event team Google sites

Communications –

Outreach Relationship Manager

Chair, Non-profit Outreach

Career Opportunity Coordinator

Milestones Writer (2)

Assistant Copy Editor

Education –

Director of Education

Marketing Team Representative

Website Administrator

Finance –  

Speaker Coordinator (3)

Main participant in the process of vetting speakers for the OC Chapter of PMI Dinner and Breakfast Meetings which are a source of education for chapter members. It is important these events are well attended and add value to the participants. About 7-13 hour’s month

Marketing –\

eCom Coordinator

Post Card Coordinator

Branding and Standards

Operations –

Director of Dinner/Breakfast Programs

Lead and manage dinner/breakfast teams via weekly teleconferences, prepare team for events. Conduct minimum one monthly face-to-face team-building meeting. Attend monthly director meetings, submit monthly team progress reports. Skills: strong leadership & team work, organizational, planning, communications, and volunteer management. About 20-30 hours per month.

Career Workshop Program Chair

Communication & Events Coordinator

Volunteers –

Volunteer Coordinator (3 available positions)

Talk with chapter members looking to volunteer, and help find a role that is a good fit for them and the needs of the chapter. About 8-10 hours per month.

Volunteer On-boarding Manager

Introduce new volunteers to the various resources used by the chapter, such as file sharing, recordkeeping, etc. Ensure each volunteer has a signed Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement on file. About 8-10 hours per month.

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