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Below are the PMI-OC Mentoring Program requirements and expectations of mentees and mentors:

·         PMI-OC Mentoring Program is a six-month program. 

o   The formal length of the Mentor/Mentee relationship formally lasts six months.

o   It is an understanding by both parties that the Mentor and Mentee will commit to the six-month mentoring relationship. 

o   Once the six months are fulfilled, discussion of continuing the mentoring relationship should take place between the Mentor and Mentee.

·         As a member of the PMI-OC Mentoring Program, you have committed to meet with your Mentor/Mentee at least once per month. You and your partner decide where and when to meet.

o   Discuss whether or not you want to increase the number of mentoring meetings and work towards a mutual understanding that satisfies both of your needs.

·         Attend the PMI-OC Mentoring Program Orientation.

o   New mentees and mentors will be notified of the date, time, and location of the meeting.

·         Confidentiality is important.

o   Talk about confidentiality, including what is and what is not acceptable to share with others. 

o   The best mentoring relationships maintain confidentiality between the Mentor and Mentee.

o   Ideas, feelings, and plans stay between the two of you.

o   Make sure that each of you does not reveal or discuss company proprietary or confidential information without approval from the owning organization.

·         One (1) Professional Development Unit (PDU) may be earned for each hour invested in the PMI-OC Mentoring Program.

o   Be sure to track your time to earn PDUs. 

o   You need to redeem your volunteer hours at

o   See for more details regarding specific PDU criteria and limits.

·         Feedback is critical to the success of the PMI-OC Mentoring Program.

o   Come to an agreement on how you would like to give and receive positive and corrective feedback from each other. Always ask if you can make a suggestion or offer constructive criticism.  Do not automatically give advice or criticism.

o   In a good Mentor/Mentee relationship, both parties give and receive reinforcement.

o   As a Mentee, make it easy for your Mentor to give you corrective feedback. Ask for it early in the relationship. Show evidence that you are utilizing the help within your life. Do not forget to share the outcome of the help your mentor gave. 

o   Do not force your solutions or advice or make the other have to guess or learn by trial and error.

·         Participate in PMI-OC Mentoring Program LinkedIn Group online community.





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