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2020 October ATS -- 4 PDUs

10-03-2020 8:00 am -12:00 pm
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Presentation Title: Building Ethics into your Team Culture

Presentation Topics: 

  • Definition of work culture
  • Incorporating ethics in work culture
  • The benefits of ethics in work culture
  • Building ethics into team culture (incorporating Honesty, Fairness, Respect, and Responsibility)
  • Modeling and enforcing ethics for team



2020 October Wounded Warrior Joint Event

10-21-2020 5:00 pm -7:30 pm

Veterans Introduction to PMP Certification and PMI

Online (A link will be provided before the webinar via email)


Description of this Webinar

Co-hosted event with Wounded Warrior Project (Veteran non-profit) and PMI (Project Management Institute) Orange County chapter. This event is designed to educate and prepare Veterans for the PMP certification process by providing them with all of the necessary resources to easily and successfully obtain their PMP.


2020 October Pivotal Webinar

10-22-2020 6:45 pm -8:00 pm

The Silent Killer of Enterprise IT Projects

Online (A link will be provided 30 minutes before each webinar via email)


Description of this Webinar

Over seventy percent (70%) of enterprise IT projects fail. For larger, more complex projects over a million dollars the failure rate jumps to ninety-five percent (95%). These failures cost US companies roughly $500 Billion every year. Nearly seventy-five percent (75%) of these failures happen for one reason. It’s not the technology. It’s not the team. It’s because what the business is trying to do is never fully communicated; therefore, it’s never fully understood. The problem isn’t the way we communicate. It’s the silent void that represents all the things we don’t say.


2020 October Healthcare Forum

10-29-2020 7:00 pm -8:15 pm

Description of Event

In this session, Dr. Guo will discuss key challenges in business communication, and how some of these challenges have become amplified during the COVID-19 crisis given the large number of individuals now working remotely - challenges from both a leadership and staff perspective. She will also discuss approaches to overcome these challenges.


2020 November ATS -- 4 PDUs

11-14-2020 8:00 am -12:00 pm
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Presentation Title: How to apply agile principles for project managers

Presentation Topics: 

  • What are the agile principles
  • Which are the principles that you can utilize with any project
  • How to utilize them with any type of product project
  • Why to use the phased approach to implementation instead of the big bang approach
  • How to use the phased approach to implementation instead of the big bang approach
  • What is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Disciplined Agile (DA) concepts
  • What issues and risks to be aware of when phasing in the agile approach and how to solve them
  • Choosing what aspects of agile to apply in other contexts
  • Big Bang versus Phased Approach deployments
  • Potential Pitfalls
  • How implementation is more challenging with enterprise projects



2020 December ATS -- 4 PDUs

12-05-2020 8:00 am -12:00 pm
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Presentation Title: Benefits Realization and Project Success

Presentation Topics: 

  • Identify how to measure project benefits
  • Explore how benefits can be realized more quickly using an iterative approach

Practice Exercise:

  • Interactive break out groups and technique practice sessions