PMI Orange County

Advanced Topics Seminars


2022 February ATS -- 4 PDUs

02-05-2022 8:00 am -12:00 pm
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Presentation Title:

User Experience 101 for project managers

Presentation Topics: 

  • Understand the rapid evolution of 3 areas of UX as it relates to Design and how to select and include the right UX focus area for your Project type
  • Learn about the value of diversity, ethical implications, and cognitive biases.

 Practice Exercise

  • Discover your own cognitive biases – individual exercises
  • Use a journey map to discover opportunities – individual or group
  • Matching various UX practice areas and Project types – group exercise



2022 March ATS -- 4 PDUs

03-12-2022 8:00 am -12:00 pm
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Presentation Title:

What Project Manager Trends are presently happening and how best to catch the next wave!

Presentation Topics: 

  • Conditions in PM are changing
  • The Emergence of Hybrid Project Management Approaches
  • A closer connection between projects and strategy
  • Evolving PM soft skills and leadership Skills
  • Leadership skills must include the Human Touch
  • Communication changes
  • Impact of digitization, data analytics, need for rapid innovation, and AI
  • Inclusion of change management plans
  • Reliance on Digital and Remote Teams



2022 April ATS -- 4 PDUs

04-23-2022 8:00 am -12:00 pm
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Presentation Title:

Hybrid Project Management

Presentation Topics: 

  • Hybrid Project Management – mindset and practices
  • What is hybrid project management
  • Why do hybrid project management
  • Approaches to hybrid project management
  • Who uses hybrid project management