PMI Orange County

Advanced Topics Seminars


2020 May ATS -- 4 PDUs

05-02-2020 8:00 am -12:00 pm
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Presentation Title: Understanding the Power of DevOps for Project Managers

Presentation Topics: 

  • Introduction to DevOps for Project Managers
  • DevOps. What It Is
  • How DevOps works
  • How to rethink project management for DevOps
  • Apply agile to project management
  • What DevOps specialties are in demand?

2020 June ATS -- 4 PDUs

06-27-2020 8:00 am -12:00 pm
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Presentation Title: The Value and Creation of “Happy” High Performance Project Teams

Presentation Topics: 

  • Why it is important for teams to aspire to and achieve a level of happiness with your jobs and projects
  • How to achieve and maintain “Happy” High Performance Teams

2020 July ATS -- 4 PDUs

07-18-2020 8:00 am -12:00 pm
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Presentation Title: Adding AI and IoT to the Project

Presentation Topics: 

  • How can project managers add artificial intelligence and IoT Devices to the project team?

 Practice Excercise:

  • Review of AI and IoT Device technologies
  • Examples of AI (TBD per work with the Google data science company: Kaggle)
  • Examples of IoT Devices include devices hooked up to the I3 Consortium Data Marketplace
  • Review of project planning per PMBOK
  • Team brainstorms to create a project plan incorporating input from AI and IoT Devices