Advertising/Sponsorship Offerings

A La Carte Advertising Services
eCom - email mailed 3 times a month, 4 times when there are 5 weeks in the month $100


Logo & Link on PMI-OC Website Home Page - Your business logo and link to your business website will be apear on the home page of the PMI-OC website $200


Quarterly Postcard Ad - A Business size ad will appear on the PMI-OC postcard that is mailed quarterly  $500


Milestones eZine - 1/4 page ad $150


Advertising Services Package

Advertising Services Package
    • eCom weekly e-mail
    • Milestones monthly eZine ad
    • Logo and link on PMI-OC website front page   

    • PMI-OC social media postings

Bronze Sponsor = $450
Silver Sponsor = $890
Gold Sponsor = $2000

Platinum = $3420


Monthly Dinner Workshop Package

Monthly Dinner Meeting Workshops

     • Representative admissions with full meal/dinner (see "DETAILS")
     • Table in the common area for literature, demos, displays…
     • A slide in the dinner presentation power point at these meetings
     • 5 minutes of time to talk about your company
     • You will be allowed to have an item on the table for the dinner meeting attendees.
     • You may participate in the raffle toward the end of the meeting

Bronze Sponsor = $260
Silver Sponsor = $720
Gold Sponsor = $1040

Platinum Sponsor = $1830


Premier Chapter Sponsor Bundle


     • Advertising Services Package
     • Monthly Dinner Workshop Package
     • Annual Conference Angel Parternship Package

Bronze Sponsor = $910
Silver Sponsor = $1892
Gold Sponsor = $3555

Platinum Sponsor = $6250


Platinum Sponsors

   CalSouthern Official Logo Horizontal

UCI DCE 178x145 new


Silver Sponsors