Advertising/Sponsorship Offerings

A La Carte Advertising Services
eCommunications-E-mail Advertising sent on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th week of the month $100


Logo & Link on PMI-OC Website-Business logo and link to your business website on PMI-OC the website $200


Quarterly Postcard Ad-Business size AD Printed on the PMI-OC Quarterly Postcard $500


Milestones eZine 1/4 Page AD $150


Milestones eZine 1/2 Page AD $250


Milestones eZine Full Page AD $450


Advertising Services
Advertising Services $450


Monthly Dinner Workshops
Monthly Dinner/Meeting Workshops $260


Annual Conference Sponsor

Annual Conference:  (Select "DETAILS" for More Information)

            Angel Partner: $1500

            Premier Partner: $750

            Participating Partner: $400





Annual Conference Career Fair Sponsor
Annual Conference Career Fair Sponsor (Select "Details" for More Information) Free


Bundled Advertising and Sponsorship Services
Advertising, Dinner Workshops, & Annual Conference bundled $910


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Milestones EZINE

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