Call for Nominations: 2017 Governor Elections, 2018-2020 Terms

 Attention: PMI Orange County Members: 

Call for Nominations : 2017 Governor Elections for 2018-2020 Terms 

Nominations are open for elections for the PMIOC Board of Governors. There are three (3) openings for the terms commencing on April 1, 2018 to serve for two years. Members of PMIOC may submit the name of any member in good standing in PMI and PMIOC for consideration by the Nominations Committee.  You may also self nominate following the same process.

Please refer to the Chapter Bylaws, Article V on the PMIOC Website, and chapter documents section for the description of the Governors’ responsibilities. ( pdf PMIOC Governors' Duties-From Bylaws.pdf (109 KB) )

To submit a candidate, send an e-mail to and include the following information: 

  1. Name of the Nominee.

  2. Nominee contact information

  3. Reason for suggesting this candidate.

  4. Your name and contact information 

The Nominating Committee will receive nominations from the membership, screen the nominees for suitability for the office and present a slate of candidates of for election. There is a vetting process based on established procedures that include a review of the nominee’s experience, participation in the Chapter and a questionnaire completed by the nominee. The intent is to present a slate of more than 3 candidates for the memberships’ consideration. 

The schedule for the 2017 election is: (Governor Terms April 2018 through March 2020) 

Nominations Open                                                                  September 13 through October 25 

Nominations Closed                                                               October 29 

Committee vetting, prepare slate, advise BOG                      September 15 – October 29 

Election Manager, election Preparation                                 September 15 – October 29 

Election Voting Period                                                            November 15 – December 7 

Results Announced                                                                December Dinner Meeting 

We look forward to being contacted by persons interested in serving the Chapter in this very rewarding way. Please send an email to to express your interest or to submit a nomination.  

If you wish to self nominate, download the Nomination Questionnaire ( document Candidate Questionaire 2018-2020 Term.doc (27 KB) ) and submit to

Gregory Scott 

Past President/Chair Nominating Committee 

Learn more from Milestones Article “A Call to Service” ( document PMI-OC BOG A call to service 2017.docx (16 KB) )


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